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Top 3 Haunted Road Trips on the Range

There is no time of year more fitting for a haunted road trip than October! Even for those who don’t believe in the supernatural there is something about the chill in the air that invites speculation when standing in the shadow of a supposedly haunted house or asylum; and honestly, who really knows for sure whether ghosts are real or not?

So, for those planning to ghost on the everyday hubbub and embark on a ghoulish getaway, check out our picks for the top 3 Haunted Road Trip Haunts on The Range!

Buhl Cemetery

The Buhl Cemetery has made several lists including America’s Most Haunted, and there is good reason for the acclaim. The story of the cemetery in and of itself is chilling.

During the early 1900’s there was a flu epidemic that broke out amidst iron miners in the area, many of whom were immigrants and often did not speak English, let alone the languages of their fellow workers. When burying the bodies of those claimed by sickness, hospital workers were forced to consign the dead to mass graves in a potter’s field with only unmarked iron crosses to indicate a burial site.

Today, visitors have experienced a handful of events such as a shadowy figure that creeps along the outside of the potter’s field, a sensation of being watched, as well as a man dressed in early 1900’s attire wandering around the cemetery gate.

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Heritage House

The story of the Heritage House in Embarrass, MN is a sad one. As the tale is told, an abusive and delusional father tried to make his son walk on water which unsurprisingly resulted in the boy’s death. Although the house itself is boarded up the creek where the boy drowned is not far off and visitors have claimed to hear the spirit of the boy crying as well as an axe chopping wood nearby.

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Crosses with names and the words God Bless the Children at the Toimi Children's Cemetery in Minnesota

Toimi Children’s Cemetery

Located about thirty four minutes from Hoyt Lakes, hidden in the woods, is the resting place of twenty-two children from the early 1900’s. Only five of the children’s names are known while the others have all recently been marked as “Unknown” due to their original grave markers being lost to time.

Visitors have claimed to hear children laughing and, through means of a spirit box (a specialized radio that shifts frequencies to catch voices between the static), have heard them speak of games children of that time would play including Molkky, a traditional Finnish game that was popular at that time.

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In Conclusion…

…whether you are a believer in ghosts & spirits or not, haunted road trips can be an amazing time! Believe it or not, there is no real evidence supporting anything supernatural, yet the idea of it being real continues to haunt us; it isn’t a hunt for truth or facts that really drives people to seek the unknown. The stories, the adventure of flirting with danger & mystery, and the thrilling possibility that something strange might just peer back from beyond the veil of reality are what makes those who love to seek out haunts keep hunting for more. But then again, who really knows?

Those who are interested in haunted spots on The Range should also visit Northland Paranormal – they provided some great insight into haunts in the area and regularly covers haunted areas on The Range!

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Editor’s Note: While we encourage exploration of the Range, if you choose to visit these cemeteries please remember that these are sacred spaces and proceed with respect. 

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