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Scenic Byway

The Best Destinations for Nature Lovers

Are you a nature lover? The Mesabi Range offers some of the best destinations for nature lovers in Minnesota! The Range is perfect for the casual observer, a nature photographer, or simply those who want to commune and reconnect with nature. In fact, there are plenty of chances on The Range to explore the best destinations for nature lovers.

An adult bald eagle feeds a small fish to two eagle chicks in a nest in northern Minnesota.

Photo by Larry Aho

Field Trips at The Sax-Zim Bog

The Sax-Zim Bog is perhaps the best place to appreciate the wildlife and natural vistas of the Iron Range. Join a regularly-scheduled guided tour through the outdoors and nature. Here, there is ample opportunity to see thousands of species from birds and weasels to fungi, spiders, moths, and more!

The Sax-Zim Bog has all of their Spring, Summer, and Autumn field trips scheduled. The also offer classes and special speakers with an emphasis on the best destinations for nature lovers. Register in advance for any of their guided field trips as they have limited space and get an expert’s insight into the area as you explore! Request a free map of the Sax-Zim Bog!

Cadotte Lake Campground in the Superior National Forest has a fishing pier and walking trails.

Cadotte Lake Campground in the Superior National Forest

Camping and Hiking by the Superior National Forest

The Superior National Forest is a breathtaking and well-known tract of forest. It spreads across The Range to the north and is a big reason why The Range has some of the best destinations for nature lovers. No matter the season, the views are stunning and can be enjoyed from Skibo Vista. This great overlook area is a small jaunt north from Hoyt Lakes. Nature lovers will also want to explore the trails and campgrounds along the Superior National Forest Scenic Byway! A free map can help you find the way!

Two paddlers make their way across a mine pit lake in northern Minnesota.

Kayaking and Hiking for Nature Lovers at The Redhead MTB Park

Redhead Mountain Bike Park is a nature lover’s dream. It offers a complete escape into the wilds while still remaining just off of the highway. All sounds disappear as you trek deeper into the winding trails of what was once a massive mining pit before it was reclaimed by nature and repurposed into a park for outdoor enthusiasts.

The beachhead at the very bottom of the park is where complete serenity can be found, with calming blue waters and sheer red cliff faces all bathed in silence. You can launch kayaks or canoes from here, if you didn’t bring one with you they can be rented from the Minnesota Discovery Center. Spending an evening on the water here is an unparalleled experience and should be explored at least once!

No matter, how you choose to enjoy and appreciate nature it is one of the most easily attainable and most satisfying pastimes to partake in. We are connected to the world, although our busy lives often pull us away from that natural part of ourselves. Reconnecting and allowing ourselves to appreciate that which we take for granted most days is one of the most important things we can do; it gives us balance, helps to focus and relax, and more importantly we are hard wired to be happier while in nature. Reconvene with the world and take yourself on an excursion through nature. Your heart will thank you!

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