Fall Adventures

Bazaar Times on the Mesabi

It’s the first week of November. That glorious season when some in northern Minnesota don orange and head into the woods while others, mostly women, make the rounds of the holiday bazaars

You can literally map a route across the region and spend days stopping into churches, community centers, armories and memorial buildings, shopping for all manner of gift and personal items from homemade bath bombs, quilts, mittens and kids toys to jams, jewelry and repurposed “junk.”

You can restock your Scentsy, Young Living Essential Oils and Tastefully Simple supplies, go in for the handmade items, or both!

And the luncheons. Holy Hannah, the luncheons. Sandwich loaf, chili, beef stew, chicken a la king, turkey salad, wild ride soup and more, lovingly cooked by the wonderful church ladies who make the world go ’round (and maybe an occasional Confirmation class volunteer). And for like, $8.00. With pie!

Buy gifts for others or yourself if you want, but don’t forget to do your “holiday baking,” too. Who will know you didn’t make those buttery spritz cookies? (Only everyone).

As if these gatherings of bakers, builders, creators and crafters aren’t enough to fill a couple weekends and empty a couple pocketbooks, all our favorite stores are hosting open houses with sales, snacks and surprises.

On my list: Rozalla’s Rack and Firelight Galleries, Smith’s Infusion, Irma’s Finalnd House, Material Girl,  Casey’s Drug, Fine Edge Custom Framing, Moxie, Silver Birch Gifts, Northern Comfort, Kunnari’s, the Knitting Knight, and Bender’s Shoe and Sport. Who did I miss? Let me know: info@ironrange.org

And happy hunting to everyone, whether you’re carrying a rifle or a purse!

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