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Three of the Best Breakfast Spots on The Range

Make no mistakes about it, breakfast can make or break an entire day; that is a meal with a lot of power. When it comes to finding the best breakfast there are some key factors to take in mind: atmosphere, coffee & breakfast booze options, and whether their food has the gravy to satisfy that early morning need to feed. So if you’ve got a full day planned and need to get things rolling on the right track start try popping in to one of the three best breakfast spots on The Range!

For a hearty meal, and a bit of the hair of the dog that bit you, Sportsman’s in Hibbing is the place to go. They have your classic selections in heaping amounts along with Bloody Mary’s and Irish Coffee to take the edge off a night of partying. The best part? They also serve breakfast all day!

A great choice to start your morning is Kunnari’s in Virginia. They have a sweet coffee selection and some unique & delightful breakfast items such as their Finnish krupsua pancake. They also have a variety of baked goods too to top off the morning with an extra dose of sugar.

And, on The East Range side, check out The Hive in Aurora! It’s a quaint coffee and bakehouse shop that serves breakfast bowls in the morning along with some fan favorites like their honey butter waffles for a filling and flavorful start to your day.

Wake up right and start your day on a full tank at any of these spots and make sure to leave room for more!

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