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The Four Best Lakes and Pits on The Range

There is something different about beaches on The Range; freshwater beaches are already typically vastly different from coastal shores but there are two major differences that make the water on our beaches unique.

The first being that some of the beaches found in our region were, in fact, previously iron mining pits and the appeal to this is how the water feels opposed to both saltwater and standard lakeside beaches; none of the stickiness that can sometimes be experienced in freshwater and it’s simply refreshing.

Secondly, Northern Minnesota takes a notoriously long time before the ice melts which means that throughout the summer swimmers can get a good splash of chilly goodness to cool off.

However, visitors might sometimes be a bit lost when it comes to finding the best spots to throw down a towel. They may in fact throw in the towel on finding a good swimming hole! If experiencing a beach day Northern Minnesota-style is on the agenda, keep reading our list of the 4 Best Lakes and Pits on The Range!

Lake Ore-Be-Gone

One of the first spots we recommend is the Lake-Ore-be-gone Beach. This particular beach is a former mining pit so it has those iron particles that make the water feel so rich, but beyond that it is also an ideal spot for families with kids of all ages with a miniature lagoon styled side beach for younger children to splash around in. With BBQ grills on site, a boat launch ramp and the Sherwood Forest Campground at the top of the hill, this beach is an easy pick for summer fun.

Godfrey Mine Pit

Next up is the Redhead MTB Park Beach on the former Godfrey Mine Pit. Although this one is a little harder to get to as visitors must either take a shuttle down from the Minnesota Discovery Center or simply hike or ride down on either a mountain bike or ATV it is a one-of-a-kind experience. Another former mining pit, this beach has the most exclusive feel of them all and seems almost completely separated from the outside world with hardly any indication of civilization in site. While this beach is not exactly ideal for families with younger children it is a gem for a couple’s getaway!

McCarthy Beach State Park

Side Lake at McCarthy Beach State Park is another idyllic spot for families with younger children with a shallow shoreline that stretches out quite a bit before the drop off to the deeper waters. It’s a popular spot for boating and there is also a floating mini-park for kids to play on as well. There are several camping spots on site as well, but visitors should note that to park at the beach a State Park Pass is needed and can be purchased on the way into the beach area.

Stubler Beach

Lastly there is Stubler Beach in Buhl! Buhl has recently received some attention as having some of the cleanest water in the country, a claim they have made for years but testing has proved to be true. It’s a local hotspot and it’s not hard to see why, it’s a great beach with a nearby disc-golf course as well as a nearby pit with boat access in town to explore some scenic sheer cliffsides!

So don’t let the heat bring down the mood this summer and check out one of our beaches because the water is always nice on The Range!

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