Hull Rust Mine View in Hibbing

Hull Rust, Soudan and Locomotive Park: Best Mining History Attractions

This summer, experience Minnesota best mining history attractions. This part of the state built on iron mining. Today, the region is also known for incredible trails, crystal-clear lakes and a variety of attractions and events.

But active mining and a deep mining past form the unique story of the Range. This blog highlights three of the best mining history attractions: Hull Rust Mine View, Soudan Underground Mine State Park and Locomotive Park. If you’re in the area, make an effort to visit all three.

Hull Rust Mahoning Mine is a Sight to Behold

Iron ore was first mined at this site near Hibbing in the late 1890s. Today, the open pit mine’s footprint is three miles wide, eight miles long and more than 600 feet deep.

Hull Rust MIne View in Hibbing Minnesota is an active iron ore mine where taconite pellets are produced for use in steelmaking.

A great view active mining from the Hull Rust Mine View makes this one of the best mining history attractions in the state. View 240-ton trucks and giant electric shovels in the Hibbing Taconite mine seven days a week. You may even be able to see a mine blast, which takes place to loosen the hard rock that makes up much of this region. You’ll learn about the mining process and probably even meet a former miner who is volunteering to educate the public about the region. There is no admission fee.


Soudan Underground Mine Takes You Deep into the Past

Travel 3/4 of a mile underground into Minnesota’s last underground mine. Soudan Underground Mine operated until the 1960s and is now a state park offering tours daily Memorial Day weekend through September. This paid tour takes you down a mine shaft in an elevator system used by miners. You’ll ride through the mined-out chambers known as stopes in a refurbished mine cart.

A talented guide will tell you stories about mining and explain the mining process. He or she will even let you see what it’s like to be in complete darkness! This one-of-a-kind experience puts Soudan Underground Mine Tour at the top of the list of the best mining history attractions.

Locomotive Park is Fun, Free and Informative

Locomotive Park in Mountain Iron is near the place where iron ore was first mined on the Mesabi Iron Range way back in the 1880s. Today, it’s the site of a locomotive and outdoor signs that explain the mining process.

The fact that Locomotive Park is free, informative and offers a picnic area makes this one of the best mining history attractions on the Range. As a bonus, it’s also right on the Mesabi Trail.


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