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How to Get the Most Out of Your Summer on The Range

While there are countless ways to enjoy a vacation there are always instances when you don’t hear about a specific event that may have been exactly what you were looking for and the opportunity to be there for yourself has slipped right through your fingers. These experiences don’t take anything away from what was presumably a great trip already, but there is now a twinge of disappointment added in. But that doesn’t need to happen, and avoid regret from missing out on a complete trip where nothing is missed!

Toe-Tappin’ Music In the Park

One of the first and most easily accessible events that’s available all summer long are the music in the park events that can be found in Chisholm’s Pocket Park, Olcott Park in Virginia and Biwabik City Park. The Olcott Park and Chisholm Pocket Park events are a particularly perfect opportunity to bask in the summer weather with live music, food vendors, while relaxing in truly beautiful venues.   From the constantly revolving flavors of the Icecream Truck LLC to GoFigur’s delectable selection of vegan option treats visitors will find a remarkable and unique blend of food options that simply can only be found at festivals and, of course, at the park during a music night.

Rather Be Out and About?

Feeling a bit too energetic for relaxing in the park? There are several locations that sport outdoor patio games for diners to enjoy! Palmers and Mike’s Pub in Hibbing both have outdoor patio games, which are without fail great summer fun. Visitors with kids should also check out Kandyz n Konez in Gilbert around July as the owners set up a miniature water park for kids to enjoy right outside of the candy shop!

Must-See Attractions

And finally, if visitors are feeling like soaking in the sights there is one place that is an absolute must-see: Hull Rust Mine View. It is no secret that The Range is largely known as a giant in the iron mining industry, but to see the scope of an active mining pit is awe inspiring.

Just a quick jaunt over from Hibbing is the Minnesota Discovery Center where you can see what a mining pit of a similar scale can look like after mining has been completed by taking a historic trolley ride from the Minnesota Discovery Center grounds around the brand new Redhead MTB Park, a former mining pit that was reimagined into a wilderness wonderland for bike mountain biking enthusiasts, hikers, and kayakers alike! The full before and after picture of an iron mining operation and what it has the potential to become is an opportunity you have to see to believe.

There are so many more great events and sights to see that could make a summer visit really pop, but hopefully you take the chance to check out the ones mentioned in this blog because they are not only a great way to get the most from your summer on The Range but are emblematic of what the Range is as well; A gold mine for history, a breath of fresh air from the cities, full of music, games, and fun.

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