Bob Dylan’s Childhood Home

See the house where Robert Zimmerman spent  his formative years in Hibbing. This house is a drive-by visit only (not open to the public), but the street sign at the edge of the property, Bob Dylan Drive, makes a great photo op. The family that owns the house doesn’t mind cameras from the sidewalk, but please be respectful.


The Zimmerman’s former home is located on the corner of 7th Ave East (renamed Bob Dylan Drive) and 25th Street in Hibbing. Check out Dylan ephemera, including items from the home, at the Hibbing Public Library, 2020 East 5th Ave. Click here for exhibit details.

Interesting Facts

The Zimmerman family moved to Hibbing from Duluth when young Bobby was 6. After a brief stay with relatives, they moved into the Seventh Avenue house where Bob lived until leaving home.