Spring Adventures

You’re ready to ride, are the trails?

This time of year, we’re all dying to get outside and enjoy our favorite activities, and that means the folks who maintain our trails are busy getting them ready for you. Take a look at what’s happening on the paved Mesabi Trail this time of year, and you’ll get a new appreciation for the work that goes into trail prep every spring!

Ride with caution in spring! You might find snow/ice on the trail in shady areas.

As you might expect, trail maintenance is constant in the riding months. The Mesabi Trail has one full time, year-round maintenance person, plus about five seasonal workers who are brushing and mowing the trail shoulders, using chainsaws to rid the trail of fallen trees, blowing rocks and debris from the trail and many other tasks.

Blowdown happens all year round, and with 120+ miles of trail, keeping the Mesabi Trail clear presents and ongoing challenge. Good thing the trail maintenance staff are up to the task!

A small crew obviously can’t be everywhere, all the time. In some communities, city staff lend a hand when it comes to trail maintenance. And the Mesabi Trail crew relies on riders to alert them to issues, too.

Good thing the Mesabi Trail crew sweeps the trail!

Another item the crew might have to deal with is, believe it or not, deer and other animal carcasses. Sometimes, you never know what’s under the snow! But lucky for you, when you hit the Mesabi Trail, THIS is what you’re likely to see! 

Or this!

Or this!

Covering wooded, industrial (iron mining), hilly, flat and in-town landscapes, the Mesabi Trail is a must-ride for any cyclist. To plan your Mesabi Trail adventure, or just to learn more about the towns and activities along the trail, click here:




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