What are we looking forward to this year? A lot! Here are a few developments on the Mesabi Iron Range that have us excited to get out and about!

#10 “We are Water” Exhibit

We Are Water, a traveling exhibit from the Minnesota Humanities Center, was postponed from its planned premiere at Minnesota Discovery Center last spring. But it’s back, opening in May, and promises to include fun water-related activities and events across the region!

We Are Water, a traveling exhibit from the Minnesota Humanities Center, will stop at Minnesota Discovery Center May 13-July 12.

#9 Hiking Trail Developments

Minnesota Discovery Center and the City of Chisholm are poised to announce a winter trails plan for the glorious RedHead Mountain Bike Park trails – for fat bikes and snowshoes only. Also, throughout the year, Giants Ridge will be working on installing interpretive signage on its spring/summer/fall hiking trails. Who doesn’t love to walk and learn?

#8 Mesabi Trail Tour times three!

That’s right, instead of one big Mesabi Trail Tour in August, the annual event will be three out-and-back events in July, August and September. More ways to enjoy the trail in a family-friendly setting!

Explore this new section of the MesabiTrail, between Embarrass and Giants Ridge, this year!

#7 More ATV Trails

A few projects in the works include a Chisholm-Hibbing trail connection (slated to open this spring), additional play areas in the Iron Range Off Highway Vehicle Recreation Area Expansion in Gilbert, and more! Other projects in the works include the Ranger trail connection between Gilbert and Biwabik, and Quad Cities club trail links heading north to the Britt area. Stay tuned!

Northern Traxx Trails north of Chisholm are beautiful any time of year (PS – open in winter!)

#6 Dyan Project Celebration

The Hibbing Dylan Project folks have been working diligently to recognize singer/songwriter/Nobel winner Bob Dylan onsite at his former high school in Hibbing. Look for a ribbon-cutting in October to coincide with the 5th anniversary of Mr. Zimmerman’s Nobel achievement!

Artist rendering of proposed monument honoring Bob Dylan. Slated to be complete in October 2021.

#5 Mine View Makeover, Part II

Hibbing’s Hull Rust Mine View provides stunning, 360-degree views of active mining, the city, and surrounding countryside, plus an up-close look at mining equipment and more. This summer, a permanent building will be added to the site to replace the trailer that has housed the gift store. Can’t wait!

An aerial view of Hull Rust Mine View interpretive site in Hibbing.

#4 The MECC: Open for Business!

Miners Entertainment and Convention Center is under construction in Virginia as we speak. This vast complex will include two full size sheets of ice, a walking track, fitness rooms, banquet and meeting spaces, and more! We look forward to this great addition to our community.

#3 Mountain Bike Trails, More Please!

The RedHead Mountain Bike Park in Chisholm as already gotten lots of buzz – this is before they’ve even held a grand opening! Look for that to happen in June, and get ready to welcome riders from around the country who are dying to ride not only RedHead, but the trails at Giants Ridge. Welcome, riders!

RedHead Mountain Bike Park in Chisholm is built on reclaimed minelands.

#2 Events Are Back!

In 2021, we expect events to slowly return. Some, like Iron Range Earth Fest, have already been cancelled. Others, like the Mesabi Trail Tour, are different (see above). But some are on the calendar, including the wildly popular Olcott Park Brewfest on August 14 in Virginia, Mines and Pines Revisited arts and music fair August 6-7 in Hibbing, and Pasty Festival on October 9 in Mountain Iron. Don’t forget music in the park in Virginia, Chisholm and Biwabik! Even sooner, Chisholm’s Polar Bear Days and other winter activities are on tap! Keep checking the calendar for events!

Mines and Pines Revisited, 2019 at Bennett Park in Hibbing

#1 Return of Restaurants

Oh, how we’ve missed you! Full capacity restaurants and bar seating is something to truly celebrate, not only for ourselves as diners, but for the hospitality industry as a whole. You can find some of our favorite food stops here, and a sampling of what’s in the region here.

Cheers to the hospitality industry!