For most students, the countdown has officially begun – only 6 weeks left until school lets out for the year. For parents, another countdown has begun: narrowing down the ideas to plan a perfect Minnesota vacation for 2015.

The Iron Range Bucket List Vacation

There are a few different ways to plan a vacation.  Many simply take this as an opportunity to check some items off their bucket list of “must see” places. For bucket-listers traveling to Minnesota’s Iron Range, a few stopping places may include:

  • The Hockey Stick
  • Honk the Moose
  • The Soudan Underground Mine
  • Giant’s Ridge Golf Course
  • The Mineview in the Sky
  • The Land of the Loon Festival

Each of these places have a special reputation on the Iron Range – because of popularity, historic significance, or just plain uniqueness.  Of course, if you’ve already experienced what they have to offer, you may be looking for a more in-depth Minnesota vacation trip:

The Themed Iron Range Vacation

Rather than hit as many “big ticket” Iron Range sites, it might be helpful to choose a theme for your vacation. Families and individuals with specialized interests often choose the Iron Range for its history, wildlife, or fishing opportunities.  If you are vacationing to pursue a hobby, you may prefer this planning methodology.

The Sportsman –  Walleye, crappie, bass, and many other sought-after species can be found in the lakes of the Iron Range.  Find a good campsite or resort to stay at, and bring your boat for some of the best angling opportunities in Minnesota.

The Historian – The Range has a rich history of iron ore mining – and Scandinavian heritage.  If you love researching the past, take time to visit the MN Discovery Center, the Soudan Underground Mine – and more.  Each site has been set up to maximize your educational experience during your visit.

The Adventurer – If you enjoy the opportunity to explore new vistas in the fresh air, utilize the many ATV/OHV trails in the area – or simply take a canoe out to enjoy the solitude available in the many thousands of acres of wilderness. Whether you’re hiking in the Superior National Forest or playing a round of golf at one of the local courses, you’ll appreciate the crisp summer air and splendid sights of the Iron Range.

The Family Vacation

Of course, most families have a wide array of interests and activities they would like the vacation to focus on. If your main goal is to find a comfortable resort to use as a base – and then take a little bit of time every day to explore new and different opportunities – you won’t be disappointed.

Families of all ages enjoy the huge variety of adventures available to them in the place known as Minnesota’s Iron Range.

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