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The Three Most Interesting Burgers on The Range

Everybody loves a burger, whether it’s a veggie burger, a massive tower of cheese & meat, or just a unique combination of toppings on America’s favorite canvas: The Burger. It’s always a treat to find one that stands alone and here on The Range there are many, but some just stand above the rest.

So, if you’re feeling hungry, grab some napkins and dig in to the three most interesting burgers on The Range.

You can find the first at Sawmill Saloon in Virginia, MN and it’s called The Lumberjack Burger. Canadian bacon with two 1/3lb wagyu burger patties; it’s a massive handful of meat, bacon & cheese that is sure to hit your taste buds like a falling tree.

For veggie lovers there is indeed a burger for you on The Range as well! GoFigur is a food truck that is seen at many different events on The Range throughout their summer season and their menu is not only vegan friendly but is colorful, fresh, and wholly unique. One of their best items however is their Butternut Squash Burger that hits immediately with its savory-sweet blend of flavor that makes it an easy shoe in for this list.

And for meat lovers you should stop by Palmers in Hibbing, especially on a Vikings game day (Free shots with every Viking score, SKOL!). It’s a popular one and it is easy to see why: Italian sausage, provolone cheese, and throw in the marinara and you’ve got one spicy meatball of a burger that you will remember.

So don’t sit on your buns and wonder where to go for a juicy burger, go try one! Or, even better yet, see if you can find a contender. Because burgers are a culinary art form and a bigger, juicier, more inspired masterpiece is always on the horizon waiting for someone to discover.

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