One thing that the Iron Range is well known for is its enthusiastic participation in a variety of summer festivals.  From the Land of the Loon to the Harvest Moon festival, the summer months are full of opportunities to obtain unique handcrafted masterpieces, deep fried food, and the opportunity to spend some quality time out of doors.

Nearly every town on the Range hosts its own festival to showcase the talents of local artisans.  Here is a look at just a few of the available summer festivals:

Land of the Loon Festival

June 20-21, 2015

This festival receives its name and quite a bit of its renown from one of its main participants “The World’s Largest Loon.” This incredibly huge loon makes an annual trip through Virginia on parade before resting on the waters of Silver Lake. This year, the parade will feature over 80 units and hundreds of participants, from high school marching bands to floats of local businesses and politicians.

When the kids have gathered the remains of the parade candy, head down to Olcott Park to meander through the many tents of craftsmen and artisans.  Many of the showcases are perennial favorites.  Others will be testing the waters of displaying their work at a summer festival for the first time.

With thousands in attendance, the Land of the Loon Festival is a local and tourist favorite.

The parade will begin at 10am.

Olcott Park will be open on Saturday and Sunday.

Blueberry Arts Festival

July 24 – 26, 2015

At the edge of the Boundary Waters, Ely is north of the official “Iron Range” region – but only just.  If you are visiting northern Minnesota at the end of July, be sure to make a trip to one of the coolest towns around for its famed Blueberry Arts Festival.

Much like Land of the Loon, this festival is a great way to discover new and budding artists that are truly professionals in their medium.  Woodcrafters bring incredible pieces of furniture, artists display truly unique paintings, and each type of craftsmen is truly an expert in their field.

There’s Always More

No matter which area or month you are visiting the northern regions, you can be sure to find a great Minnesota festival to enjoy.  Spend some time looking through our events to find the dates, times, and locations to add to your calendar.

The Iron Range of Minnesota is a great place to spend a summer family vacation.  Fishing, boating, and water sports are widely available.  Area resorts are renowned for their hospitality, amenities, and proximity to some amazing lakes and vistas.

Plan your trip Up North today.