Mesabi_Trail_2013One of the best ways to see the Iron Range is to hop on a bike and pedal the scenic bike trails that crisscross Minnesota’s north woods. Multiple trail options give everyone a chance to experience the quiet forests, clear lakes and welcoming communities on the Range. Plus, you can make a speedy get-away from the mosquitoes.

The Mesabi Trail is the Iron Range’s premier bike trail. This bike ride takes you to the top of scenic vistas, the deep quiet of the pine forests, and all the sunny open green spaces in between. It’s currently over 80 miles and when complete will reach 132 miles across northern Minnesota. The trails are paved, wide (10 to 14 feet across) and easy to find with its 23 access points along the route. Get your Wheel Pass ($5.oo for a three-day pass) and you’re ready to ride.

Carey Lake Bike Trail takes you from Vic Power City Park in Hibbing to the Carey Lake Recreation Area. Both the recreation area and bike trail are part of Hibbing’s park system. The paved trail starts just past Hibbing Community College and runs along Dupont Road. Once you get to the recreation area you can follow the trails to Carey Lake and find a swimming beach and fishing pier, or stay on your bike and go for a trek around the park. Travel along the lowland bogs, laden with narrow black spruce trees and Labrador tea, or journey into the jack pine woods with their gnarly branches and fire-dependent cones. Any trail is a good choice here.

BIKING & HIKINGNeed an off-road adventure? There are several multi-use trails around the Range that are great for summer mountain biking experiences. These trails get you deep into the woods on a crazy network of old logging roads, snowmobile trails, and ski trails. Be prepared for the hills of the aspen forests and the cool of the wetlands as you travel into the wild. Check out the Arrowhead State Trail, Big Aspen or Taconite Trail for your adventure.

Enjoy the wind in your face, the sun on your back, and your wheels spinning fast as you bike the scenic Iron Range.