Mountain Iron Locomotive Park, Mountain Iron, MN

At Mountain Iron Park, see a Baldwin 1910 steam locomotive, mining equipment, and interpretive panels that describe the mining process. This outdoor museum is situated near the reclaimed Mountain Iron Mine, a National Historic Landmark near the site where iron ore was first discovered. It’s a beautiful – and informative – view! Open spring, summer, and fall. Take the county road 102 exit from Highway 169 and follow .75 miles north to Main Street. Go left, then follow two blocks to Mountain Ave. Turn right and head to Locomotive Street. Parking will be visible.

Iron Man Statue, Chisholm, MN

Towering 81 feet over Chisholm, Iron Man is a 36-foot-tall statue of a miner atop a structure representing the “Emergence of Man Through Steel.” Based on an 1880s miner, Iron Man was dedicated in 1987 to the Mesabi, Vermilion, Cuyuna and Gogebic iron ranges. His looming presence makes for a great photo op! Iron Man is made of brass and copper. His support structure is corten steel. Located on Highway 169 in Chisholm. Parking is available.

The World’s Largest Hockey Stick & Puck, Eveleth, MN

The world’s largest hockey stick, on Grant Ave. in Eveleth, is 107 feet long and weighs more than three tons. A giant rubber puck rests nearby. The structures are surrounded on two sides by the walls of Hockey Plaza, a written and illustrated history of hockey in Eveleth. Hockey is a big deal on the Range — twelve Eveleth hockey players and one coach have been inducted into the US Hockey Hall of Fame. Exit US Highway 53 at the Eveleth/Highway 37 turnoff. Go west into Eveleth and at the first stop sign (Grant Avenue), turn right.

Bob Dylan’s Childhood Home, Hibbing, MN

Bob Dylan’s childhood home is a drive-by visit only (not open to the public), but the street sign at the edge of the property, Bob Dylan Drive, makes a great photo op. The family that owns the house doesn’t mind cameras from the sidewalk, but please be respectful. The Zimmerman family moved to Hibbing from Duluth when young Bobby was 6. After a brief stay with relatives, they moved into the Seventh Avenue house where Bob lived until leaving home. The Zimmerman’s former home is located on the corner of 7th Ave East (renamed Bob Dylan Drive) and 25th Street in Hibbing. Check out Dylan ephemera, including items from the home, at the Hibbing Public Library, 2020 East 5th Ave. Click here for exhibit details. View the locations of the “ Dylan Walking Tour, ” a route that Dylan once walked in Hibbing.

Veterans’ Memorial, Chisholm, MN

The Veterans’ Memorial, including a display of the U.S., MN, MIA, and the eight uniformed federal services flags, is flanked by an M 60 A3 Tank, VH1 Helicopter, and an F 94 C Jet Aircraft and anchor. The Iron Range Veterans’ Memorial was a project by Press-Lloyd American Legion Post #247, and is located near the Minnesota Discovery Center admissions building in Chisholm. Find it on Highway 169 in Chisholm, near the Iron Man statue. Use the Minnesota Discovery Center entrance. Open year-round; no admission.

Honk the Moose, Biwabik, MN

Get your picture taken with the children’s book character, “Honk,” in the Biwabik city park. You can’t miss him as you drive through the town’s main drag. A Newberry runner-up in 1936, Honk the Moose is the based-on-real-life story about a moose who came to a small northern Minnesota town, and the boys who befriended him. Find it on Amazon.

Wellstone Memorial

A serene, six-acre site near Eveleth memorializes former US Senator Paul Wellstone and seven others who died in a plane crash there on October 25, 2002. Find several interpretive markers as you follow a trail from a parking area to the “commemorative circle.” Wellstone died just before the 2002 election. Walter Mondale agreed to run in his place, but was defeated by Norm Coleman after what was widely called a “partisan pep rally” of a memorial service. Heading north on Highway 53, begin looking for a brown Wellstone Memorial Site sign after you pass the Highway 37 exit to Hibbing.

Skibo Vista Overlook, Hoyt Lakes, MN

This newly-enhanced scenic viewpoint can be found on the Superior National Forest Scenic Byway near Hoyt Lakes. Sweeping views allow you to see for up to 30 miles. Look for soaring eagles and migrating hawks. The colors in fall are amazing. A fire tower used to stand on this point, and when you see the kind of view at Skibo, you’ll know why! (P.S. There is a geocache here!) Open year round. Find a picnic area and vault toilets near the parking area.

Iron Range Veterans’ Memorial, Virginia, MN

The Iron Range Veterans’ Memorial in Virginia consists of nine life-sized figures representing all the wars from WWI to the Persian Gulf. They stand in front of an eagle with wings outstretched and head thrown back. This statue was commissioned to honor all veterans from the Iron Range. It cost approximately $1 million, an amount raised over more than 14 years of fundraising with mostly private donations. Black granite markers commemorate each of the wars. In front of the sculpture embedded in the ground are approximately 1,100 engraved pavers honoring individual veterans. Next to the walkway leading to the statue is one final black granite marker explaining what each figure is and what war they represent in the words of the sculptor, a local Iron Range man named Gareth Andrews. The Iron Range Veterans Memorial is located in City Central Park in Virginia, on the corner of Fourth Avenue and Second Street North. To reach the Iron Range Veterans’ Memorial committee, contact: 218-749-5362 or 218-749-3751. To purchase a memorial brick paver, available in three sizes, call 218-744-3952 or 218-744-2140. Proceeds are used for upkeep of the memorial.

Downtown Virginia Murals

Through the non-endowed Virginia Foundation Mural Fund, a series of eight murals have been created to depict the life and history of the city, making use of buildings around the city. The first mural was created in 2008, the most recent 2015.
Hartley and Wesley Koski Mural: located on the corner of Chestnut Street and Second Avenue, GPS: 47.523000, -92.533236, Address: 204 Chestnut St, Virginia MN 55792
Marty Memorial Mural: Located on the corner of Chestnut Street and Second Avenue, GPS: 47.523377, -92.539736, Address: 519 Chestnut St, Virginia MN 55792
Veterans Mural: Located on the Local 1938 United Steelworkers Building, GPS: 47.524203, -92.537127, Address: 403 1st St N, Virginia, MN 55792
Virginia Candy Kitchen: Located on the wall near Subway parking lot, GPS: 47.522551, -92.538370, Address: 108 S 5th Ave, Virginia, MN 55792
Marching Blues: The Virginia Marching Band Through Time: Located at 411 First Street North, Across the street from Wells Fargo, GPS: 47.524169, -92.537335, Address: 411 First Street North, Virginia, MN 55792
Ojibwe Mural: Located on the Virginia Department of Utilities, GPS: 47.522352, -92.540931, Address: 618 2nd St S, Virginia, MN 55792
Virginia Athletic Mural: Located on the Virginia High School Wall, GPS: 47.520223, -92.540283, Address: 411 S 5th Ave, Virginia, MN 55792
Cruising Main Mural: Located on the Corner of Chestnut Street and North 1st Avenue, GPS: 47.523439, -92.531528, Address: 105 Chestnut St, Virginia MN 55792