When you see the symbol above displayed in an Iron Range business window, it means that they have agreed to the Iron Range is Open for Business Pledge*

As a business of the Mesabi Iron Range, our ownership and staff are committed to best practices concerning COVID-19, including:

  1. Social Distancing and use of Personal Protective Equipment when and where practical
  2. Increased Cleaning, Disinfecting and Housekeeping Efforts
  3. Communications and Training for managers and staff
  4. Working only When Healthy
  5. Drop-off, Pick-up and Delivery of Goods when possible
  6. Welcoming all Patrons, in the Real Ranger way!

Businesses who sign onto the Open for Business Pledge receive the following free benefits:

  • Free window cling to proudly display at your business
  • Listing on including a link to your website or Facebook page
  • Regional customer recognition of your efforts to protect and effectively serve customers during COVID-19

To be eligible for your free Open for Business Pledge benefits, businesses must

  • Fill out the form to Sign the Open for Business Pledge
  • Read the Open for Business Pledge and certify that you will follow the pledge
  • Post your Open for Business window cling publicly at your business
  • Train staff on following the Open for Business Pledge

*Businesses who display the Open for Business symbol have communicated, in writing, that they have read and agree to the Open for Business Pledge as stated above. This is not a guarantee, or indication that this business has a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan, or requires one.  None of the coordinating entities are responsible for enforcement of any COVID-19 preparedness efforts by businesses in our service areas. For more about business preparedness efforts, speak with business owners or your local chamber, or click here for resources on COVID-19 best practices for businesses.