Greyhound Museum

Greyhound Bus Museum

The birthplace of intra-city bus travel.


Olcott Park Greenhouse

A tropical oasis, offering warmth all year round!

US Hockey Hall of Fame

US Hockey Hall of Fame

A tribute to the world’s favorite cold weather sport.

Lyric Center

Lyric Center for the Arts

Gallery, performance and classroom space, and more

Vince Shute Wildlife

The Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary

Learn about black bears and observe them in their natural habitat at this great location.

NM Muesum of Mining

Minnesota Museum of Mining

Delve into the rich background of iron ore mining through equipment and exhibits.

Minnesota Discovery Center 

Uncover the history of the land, the people, and the mines of northern Minnesota through indoor and outdoor exhibits in the largest museum outside of the Twin Cities.

Soudan Mine

Soudan Underground Mine State Park 

Just north of the Range, this must-see stop that will take you 1/2 mile beneath the earth’s surface. NOTE: Underground Tours suspended until Spring 2023.

Nelimark Home

Nelimark Homestead Museum & Gift Store  

For the love of all things Finnish! Gifts, conversations, snacks and more.

The Paulucci Space Theatre 

The Paulucci Space Theatre is located in Hibbing.

old pioneer farm

The Wirtanen Pioneer Farm

The farm has been lovingly restored over many years and is now a showcase for pioneer life in the region.

Hill Annex

Hill Annex Mine State Park 

Take a trip through this historic mine.

Bnai Abraham Heritage

B’nai Abraham Heritage and Cultural Center 

Sharing cultural and educational programs with the community.

Old Miners

Hibbing Historical Society Museum 

The fascinating history of the city known as “the town that moved.”

Virginia Museum

Virginia Heritage Museum 

Logging, the lumber industry and the history of the people of the Range’s “Queen City.”

International Wolf Center

International Wolf Center

This museum also gives visitors the opportunity to observe the daily routines of a live Timber wolf pack.

Gift Shop

Legend House Museum

The Bois Forte Heritage Museum and Gift Shop

North American Bear

North American Bear Center 

Displays tell many stories of bears throughout the world. 

Forest History

Forest History Center

This museum offers interactive activities for adults and children alike with logging camp, horses, and more.