Hi, I’m Bret Alexander. A few months ago I decided to start inviting people to join me in group hikes around the region. The outings were well-received, and I’ve decided to move forward with Mesabi Outdoor Adventures, a new outdoor club on the Iron Range that hopes to bring many of the non-motorized outdoor enthusiasts in the area together.


The Iron Range and surrounding communities of Northern Minnesota are blessed with a wide variety of outdoor recreation outlets during every season. There are a lot of people getting outside to do things all the time, and this club is an attempt to bring them together for the sake
of sharing resources and building community.


This project is just beginning, but will hopefully develop into a place where people can find new friends to go on trips with, create trips that others can join, and be a place to join a trip that is already being organized by others. Currently, trips or classes are being offered 2 or 3 times a month by one person (me), however this club’s resources are open the others in the community who want to organize their own outings or trips and offer them to an established audience to
participate in.


Our group from an April hike on Bird Lake Trail near Hoyt Lakes.

To encourage others to step forward and create outings, MOA is conducting two
trainings in June and July on how to plan and organize trips. In addition, MOA has partnered
with the Laurentian Environmental Center to create a Wilderness First Aid Course in September which is being taught by instructors from the National Outdoor Leadership School to help increase education and efficacy of people who might be interested in organizing trips through MOA for the community.


Since January 2018 MOA has created more than 10 events offered to the community including day trips, evening trips, overnight trips, and classes.


January 2018 hike at Outlook Mountain north of Virgina.

MOA is interested in an inclusive approach to participation. You don’t have to be an expert to participate, just a desire to spend time outdoors. See you out there!


Editor’s note: View area hiking trail systems here.