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The Iron Range is a geographic designation that refers to the large formation of iron ore that stretches across northeastern Minnesota.  It is a popular vacation destination that includes areas of interest for everyone.  Fishing, hunting, water sports, hiking, and historical sites are all here – and easily accessible, if you know where to look. If you find yourself planning a trip to the Iron Range, be sure to stop by our Visitor’s Center, located just outside of Eveleth, off of Highway 53.

Our Iron Range Visitor Center serves as a hub of information for those who are ready to experience the grand adventures of Northern Minnesota.  We have a great variety of resources, flyers, and inside information on the latest events and amenities that the Iron Range has to offer.  As you come into Eveleth, simply take the first exit off of Highway 53, turning to your right (onto Hwy 37) at the bottom of the exit ramp.  Taking the first left will bring you to our Visitor Center location. Be sure to stop by – we’d love to help you connect with the locations and businesses that you are in search of.

Eveleth Minnesota Location


Iron Range Tourism Bureau
111 Station 44 Rd
Eveleth, MN 55734

Office: 800-777-8497



Ironman Garden

Getting here:

The Iron Range is located north of Duluth – far into the northernmost reaches of Minnesota.  Fortunately, it is also an easy drive from the major cities.  This map will help get you started.

Visitor tips:

Check out this quick reference guide to find out where the “must-see” sites are on the Iron Range – and why they’re so important.  Make one of our historic sites and great recreation areas a part of your next visit.

Experience the Range:

Kickstart your trip to the Iron Range with this handy guide 20 Amazing Ways to Experience the Range. From the World’s Largest Hockey Stick to one of the World’s Top 100 Bogs, the tips on this guide will help make your next vacation a smashing success.