Spring is a relief to outdoor enthusiasts who are looking forward to the seasonal change from snowmobiling to four wheeling.  There are a ton of Minnesota ATV trails right here on the Iron Range that are regularly maintained and ready for your adventure.

ATV Rental in MN

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MN ATV Trails

There is no shortage of variety on the local ATV trails.  From old rail grades and complex trail systems to wide open woods trail, your style of ATV riding can be catered to.

Big Aspen Recreation Area – Located in Britt (just north of Virginia), the Big Aspen area is a multi-purpose trail system with a 26-mile designated set of trails for ATVs. The trails wind through the Superior National Forest near the Rice River Valley, offering unique vantage points to stop and enjoy the scenery and wildlife.  It is easily accessible from Highway 53

Iron Range Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area – Located in Gilbert, this is a place that every OHV/ATV enthusiast should visit at least once.  It offers more than 1200 acres of prime northern Minnesota country to explore with trails, hill climbs, and training – as well as many special events. If you are already a big fan of this place, you will be pleased to know that there is a planning committee currently seeking to triple the size of the Recreation Area.

There are some trails north of the Iron Range, such as the Stony Spur II ATV Trail in Babbitt and the convenient Tower Multi-Use Trail, enabling an easy access to popular locations, such as McKinley Park Campground in Soudan.

For a complete list of trails on the Iron Range, check out our full listing:

MN ATV Trails on the Iron Range