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Four Seasonal Attractions That Reopen in May

As we wait for summer to really kick into gear there will be quite a few other attractions that will be springing up and are worth checking out. This is especially true if visitors are hoping to get in on some early summer recreation. These four attractions are also great if you’re looking for things to do while trails are made ready for the season.

So, take a look at our list of Four Attractions Returning in May and start planning your trip to The Range. This is  a fully-rounded itinerary with everything from fields of flowers, up close experiences with wild life, to a deep dive into history!

A display of day lilies from Owl Forest Farm in Eveleth MN

Owl Forest Farms

U-Pick Farms are a wholesome trend that couples and families especially will enjoy! In Eveleth visitors can find Owl Forest Farms who have special events when a flower crop reaches it’s seasonal peak and their fields are filled with flower pickers taking pictures among the colorful rows of blooms.

They may also be rented for private events such as micro-weddings and elopements!

Vince Shute Wildlife Area

Vince Schute Wildlife Sanctuary

Break out of hibernation mode with the bears of the Vince Schute Wildlife Sanctuary in Orr, MN on May 25th! This highly unique wildlife sanctuary was created by the American Bear Association in response to an emergency where the local bears had become too accustomed to being fed by a local logger. Although unorthodox, the wildlife sanctuary that allows visitors to observe the bear population up close and personal from a raised platform is an enormous boon to researchers to study the animals while educating visitors with presentations right on the balcony!

Minnesota Museum of Mining

With a vast collection of displays that explore the intricate history of the early immigrants who came to The Range as well as mining processes, and of course their massive outdoor mining equipment displays, The Minnesota Museum of Mining in Chisholm should definitely be given a visit.

Make sure to check out their replica mine tunnel too when it reopens on May 24th!

A shovel used to mine iron ore in northern Minnesota is shown at Hull Rust Mine View,

Hibbing Hull Rust Mine View

It is quite a phenomenal sight seeing an active open iron pit, a seemingly endless expanse of red cliff faces and mining trucks kicking up the dust from so far away that they could be held in the palm of your hand. On special occasions, from the observatory at the Hull Rust Mine View, visitors can even see live mining blasts that send up plumes of earth with a roar.

There are a bunch of great displays on the Hull Rust Mine View hill paired with signage to fully illustrate their history as well. Climb atop some of the region’s largest mining vehicles or sit in a truck shovel so large it could be used as cover from the rain!

When visiting The Range, or anywhere for that matter, it’s always best practice to see and experience as much as possible. All discoveries great and small came from a place of curiosity and exploration after all.

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