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Four Reasons Why The Range is a Romantic Getaway

Have someone special who you’re planning on taking on an unforgettable vacation with? Of course you could always find an all inclusive getaway to an island or a cruise. They’re great of course, but they are often lacking in adventure. And what is a whirlwind romance other than a headlong dive into adventure? So, here are four reasons why The Range is the most romantic getaway!

Couples visiting The Range can find not only some amazing amenities and restaurants throughout the region, but they can also quickly flip the script and find a private escape along the trails or beaches; the beach at Redhead Mountain Bike Park and the Hiking Trails at Giants Ridge being great choices for exploration!

A couple hikes among towering white pine trees in Minnesota's Superior National Forest

On The Range we also have some unreal rental homes and lodging that will have couples snuggling close after a long day out. From the small and cozy lakeside cottage of Misty Shoals in Eveleth to the multi-home property of Green Gate Guest Houses with fully refurbished original Finnish homesteads, we have every flavor of hideaway to fit your partner’s needs. Not to mention our campgrounds that offer access to all sorts of nearby fun such as the Mesabi Trail and the Iron Range OHV Park in Gilbert.

Fall leaves frame a view of a rental villa at Giants Ridge in northern Minnesota

And oh, the views! Autumn is perhaps the most romantic time for some breathtaking views; but winter is also lovely to see when the snow sticks to the trees just right and the world is transformed into crystal, and the vast thriving greens of summer are nothing to scoff at either (especially as Spring is breaking and the leaves are that fresh shade of pastel green)! Our vast blue waters made more stark with towering red cliff faces are a beautiful sight too, and they’re cool all summer long thanks to our long winters. There is magic in observing beauty in nature, especially when it is observed with those you love.

An aerial image shows the Mesabi Trail in northern Minnesota.

Lastly, and most importantly, there is freedom and flexibility in nearly everything that couples can get into on The Range. Forget about strict itineraries, don’t those sound a bit toxic anyways? The trails never go anywhere (with the exception for some of them of after heavy rains, but even then they are only closed for a little bit) and there are plenty of activities to jump into and secret hideaways to explore. There is always a surprise to be found on The Range, from cute hole-in-the-wall concerts, the occasional artsy coffee shop, a sports bar with a funny secret, a tour that was previously overlooked that turns out to be amazing and fun. When things fall through there is always something else to explore and be surprised by; and pleasant surprises are what keeps romance alive!

A couple clicks their glasses together in a toast at BoomTown Brewery in HIbbing Minnesota

But of course, there is always that exclusive resort with the stringently timed activities nearby with the crowded beach, the unavoidable encounter with a family locked in an embarrassingly public argument, and the constant need to rush from one thing to the next. Romance is adventure, surprises, comfort, and beauty; your couples vacation should be all of those things and it should be unforgettable.

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