Sign in Hibbing Minnesota that says Entrance to Palmers Speakeasy
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Five Summer Hot Spots – for Great Food!

One of the best parts of Minnesota is that the summers are beautiful, and with summer there are quite a few places on The Range that really open up and shine! S

o, whether you’re looking for a quick bite in open summer air or to spend an afternoon over food & drinks in a vibrant atmosphere you should check out these 5 summer hotpots here on The Range.

We start with Jim’s Sports Club in Chisholm, MN. It’s a fun local bar that usually holds events frequently, but during the summer it is a perfect hangout. They serve a good variety of food but nothing out of the way of your normal bar fare, but what really makes them shine is their outdoor entertainment and dining area. Live music is held every weekend with an outdoor bar as well as firepits for when it gets brisk at night in spring and late autumn. Atmosphere is crucial when it comes to deciding where to eat and nothing really beats a great stage and a relaxing hangout spot right in the heart of downtown.

an A&W drive-in restaurant in Aurora, MN

Second is A&W in Aurora, a charming carhop diner with an outdoor patio if you don’t want to make a mess in your car. They serve their A&W root beer in chilled glass mugs and have a solid selection of food items. It’s popular among the locals, especially when they open their doors around March, so calling in your order is advised!

Next we have Palmers in Hibbing, if you love sports and spending your lunch eating at a table then this is the spot for you. With outdoor horseshoes & other games as well as an amazing food and drink selection (The BBQ Bloody Mary and the Donato burger are worth trying) Palmers makes the list for its fun and energetic atmosphere, especially during Vikings games! Make your way there for a Vikings game and get jello shots for every touchdown & field goal made by the team!

The Freeze 32 is open exclusively during the summer, and although it is small in stature it has a fun assortment of ice cream flavors that are sure to cool you off during the peak of the season. Not only that, but it’s located within easy walking distance of Olcott Park, so if you’re in the area for a festival or for the weekly Music in The Park you should stop on by The Freeze for a treat!

Last, but certainly not least, The Wacootah Grille at Giants Ridge in Biwabik is by and far the fanciest of the hot spots on this list. Their food is superb but the view from the patio dining area easily tops it. From your seating area you can see a swath of rolling hills surrounding crystal blue water.

A man and woman enjoy a meal on the patio of the Wacootah Grille at Giants Ridge Resort

If you’re on The Range this summer stop by any of these spots and see for yourself!

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