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Bike/Walk/Run for Fun

June 1 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Meet on designated Saturdays to walk, run or bike in good company (all ages welcome – this is a family friendly event), followed by coffee, lunch and stories at The Hive.


– The trail around St James pit in Aurora is a fantastic paved trail to get some mileage in whether that is running or just a good old walk and talk. All runners and walkers are welcome. Strollers are definitely welcome.



Deciding which route option #1 or #2 will be decided at each ride the day of based on who and how many riders are present.

Ride Option #1: Social and Relaxed Trail Ride
– Ride the Mesabi trail up to Giants Ridge and back. 13 miles round trip. We consider this ride the social ride as the pace is relaxed (avg 10-14mph), it is a no drop ride, and it is great option for those that want to pull kids in the chariots behind them. Sometimes a quick 10min stop at the playground is needed for kids to get out of the pull behinds. Riders can always add more miles on this route by continuing on the Mesabi Trail or by adding in the trail around the pit in Aurora. This route is 100% paved bike trail. All types of bikes and riders are welcome to join, including kids.

Ride Option #2: Wear those fancy socks, we dare you.
– If you are looking for a ride not on the Mesabi Trail or maybe you are looking for a longer or maybe a faster pace ride. It is Exactly 30 miles round trip. 15 miles out and 15 miles back. The pace can be quicker on this one (avg 15 to 18mph). But since it is an out and back if some riders ride ahead, everyone will turn around eventually and pick everyone up on the way back. You can set your own distance on this route being it is an out and back. This is a great option to push your self a little harder and test those legs of yours. Shoulders are wide and pavement is beautiful to ride on. This route is all paved. This route can and at times will also serve as a social / no drop ride when chosen as such. Recommended style of bike for this ride includes road bikes or gravel/adventure bikes (flat or drop bars on either). Mountain bikes will have a hard time keeping up on this ride option.


SLEEPER INNERS: for all the snooze button addicts out there.

We hear ya, if this was your morning to stay in bed and that alarm was turned off or that snooze button was just hit for the 27th time in a row, just know the coffee is hot regardless of whether you bike, run, or just walk through the door at 11am to partake in the Coffee / Lunch part of the event. Because we all know the best part to any group ride is the coffee, food, and stories that follow… : )


Weather will always play its part. If weather gets in the way look to these events for updates on any changes or cancellations.


Here is to meeting new people and getting outside. If you plan on attending, please reply as such for each event and Saturday. This way The Hive will know how many plan on coming. There is plenty of parking available near the The Hive and in the Community Parking Center Lot across from The Hive.

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June 1
9:00 am - 12:00 pm


The Hive
103 Main St.
Aurora, 55705 United States
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