Bob Dylan to Perform in Hibbing?

Well, he certainly has performed in Hibbing.

But seriously, April Fools! While Bob Dylan is not in fact planning on returning to Hibbing for a performance (as far as we know), he was actually raised here and there are some neat Bob Dylan attractions in the area that will delight any fans of his who are visiting The Range!

Bob Dylan and Hibbing are inexorably linked together as he grew up in the city and visitors can, in fact, visit his childhood home! Visitors may call to schedule tours of the house. The Zimmerman household has been somewhat restored and although not completely in it’s original state, the basement holds a variety of Bob Dylan relics including alternate lyrics for songs that he had written, journals, notes, and other memorabilia.

Tour the high school that Bobby Zimmerman attended, and see where he performed on stage at a fateful talent competition. Tours of Hibbing High School are not to be missed for the architecture, artwork and lavish finishings, but this is a must-see for Dylan fans.

Don’t forget Mines and Pines Revisited, a festival in late summer that takes its inspiration from Bob Dylan that features live performances in Hibbing’s Bennett Park. The summer festival brings out a bunch of craft vendors, food trucks, and the park is a beautiful venue for a weekend long outdoor concert!

With an upcoming Bob Dylan movie starring Timothee Chalamet, who recently visited Hibbing High School for research on the role, there is no better time for Bob Dylan fans to walk in the footsteps of the musical legend and Nobel Laureate.

Find Dylan-themed souvenirs at the Tourist Center Senior Citizens, 1202 Howard St., in Hibbing.

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