Finntown Overlook & Park Near Virginia, MN

Finntown Overlook & Park

Walk through a 50-foot caged safety bridge out into the midst of the historic Rouchleau group of mines. The mining canyon is nearly three miles long, a half-mile wide and 450 feet deep. The view includes towering rock-cropped walls with various red hues stretching across the entire open pit mine. Access at the east end of Third Street in Virginia.

More Info

Finntown Overlook is part of a Virginia City Park and a trail head with parking for the Mesabi Bicycle Trail.


This overlook is open year-round. Free admission. Find it at the east end of Third Street North in Virginia, three blocks north of Chestnut Street.

Interesting Facts

The Rouchleau Group of mines began as underground shafts, when other mines honey-combed the earth a few hundred feet below the surface, eventually joining underground. This group of mines produced more than 300 million gross tons of iron ore within the Virginia district. Ten mining companies were involved in the Rouchleau in open pit mining at one time or another, with the last shipments being made in 1977.