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I have spent all of my life loving photography, but it wasn’t until my first camera at the age of 18 that I started to learn the art of photography! As my 3 children grew, I was able to utilize my father-in-law’s camera and start to learn SLR photography. It wasn’t long before I outgrew that camera and wanted to learn more, so about 10 years ago I started saving for my own DSLR and was able in 2011 to buy a Nikon D90!

I joined a local Photography Club and in the next 3 years learned so much from the members of the club and since then I have kept expanding my knowledge on techniques and skills! I love just going for a walk and taking photos of things that most people just pass by! I shoot landscapes and still life’s and some portraiture! I love taking photos of waterfalls and Northern Lights in Minnesota! I can’t wait for my hubby to retire so that we can start traveling so I can learn and take more travel photography! I honestly believe that learning never stops!