Amy Lucas-Peroceski - Discover the Range
321 2nd St. NW, Chisholm, MN 55719 218-343-3453

I make art because I enjoy the process of creating it.  There are so many magical moments in life and I sometimes feel they pass too quickly.  In my art, I like to try to capture those moments and convey the feelings I had during the moment or the feelings that the subjects of the paintings are having.  Through making art I feel I get the joy of reliving that moment over and over again until the work is finished.  I also just enjoy the process of making art.  The sights and smells of the different materials.  The fresh white canvas, the blank paper, the lump of clay they all beckon me.

I make my art using several types of media.  Although I am primarily a painter I like to explore all types of art and I often work with drawing and sculpting materials as well. I enjoy using acrylics, water-miscible oils, charcoal, and pastels.  I get ideas for art all the time as I’m going throughout my day.  I feel there is no end to subject matter and inspiration around me.  I love to paint all different subjects scenery, buildings, animals, people.  I also enjoy exploring abstract art and focusing more on emotion than objects.

As an artist, I do not like to get put in a box or labeled as a specific type.  I feel that in life and art we are always learning, growing and changing.  Art is an experience to me.  It is always fresh and exciting.  I love exploring new art media and ideas.  Depending on what I want to express in a specific piece of art, where I am making it and what its purpose is I will use different media to meet these needs.