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Sonja Merrild

The Commission is a nine-member board. The purpose of the Arts and Culture Commission shall be to assist Grand Rapids to become a community in which arts and cultural activities: are recognized as vital components of community life, are valued and promoted for their economic benefits, and represent an integral part of Grand Rapids’ educational [...]


Staci Taylor

We are teaching artists providing demonstrations and workshops for groups and individuals, adapted to your needs and location. We provide opportunities to develop and express creativity through meaningful hands-on art experiences in a variety of mediums.


Mary McReynolds

Since our formation in 1998 the vision of the Laurentian Arts and Cultural Alliance, dba, The Lyric Center for the Arts, has been to create a supportive environment and space for the Arts in our Community while also recognising and preserving the rich history of the 1912 Lyric Opera House, now known as The Lyric [...]


Sheila Wilcox

The 38th Annual Minnesota State Old Time Fiddle Championships will take place in August at the Merritt Elementary School Auditorium in Mountain Iron, Minnesota. Our Championship division is certified by the National Old Time Fiddle Association, which means that our Minnesota State Old Time Fiddling Champion will qualify to play at the National Old Time Fiddle [...]


Keiko Williams

The purpose of ARTS in Ely is to nurture and develop the arts community with resources, connections, and support, and to promote economic growth through networking, marketing, and outreach. We cooperate to support art creation, experiences, and collaboration. Where We’ve Been In autumn 2017, a large group of artists and art supporters gathered to brainstorm [...]


Katie Marshall

OUR VISION We make our communities strong and vibrant by providing all people the opportunity, access, tools, and inspiration to realize their creative potential. OUR VALUES We believe: Art encourages community growth. It gives courage, breaks boundaries, and kindles empathy. It inspires creative thinking, revels in diversity, and shapes new connections. Art is for everyone. Accessibility is [...]


Ginger Kinsley

At Old School Lives we want to encourage the arts. We have a fully functioning Pottery Studio, Textile Studio, Artist Studio Space, Artist Exhibits, Youth and Community art opportunities throughout the year. The Old School Lives Incorporated is a faith-based nonprofit corporation who uses the Bible and the gospel of Jesus Christ as the governing [...]


Jane Wertanen

The Lyric Art Colony is a group of Artists with a love and appreciation for the Arts, and in particular, painting!  The is open to all painters and meets every week. We offer space and time for artists of all painting abilities to gather, sit, paint & share; who could ask for anything more? A [...]