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Keiko Williams

The purpose of ARTS in Ely is to nurture and develop the arts community with resources, connections, and support, and to promote economic growth through networking, marketing, and outreach. We cooperate to support art creation, experiences, and collaboration. Where We’ve Been In autumn 2017, a large group of artists and art supporters gathered to brainstorm [...]


Shawna Kishel

Our mission and purpose are to Inspire, Nurture, and Celebrate the Arts in Our Region. We bring together our individual passions and talents, envisioning a place (or a number of them!) that gives energy, and light for all ages and all arts to enrich our lives!


Shelly Tahija

SoHo Arts sells original art, art supplies, home décor, consignment items, cards, repurposed items, gourmet dog biscuits, personalized gifts, custom framing, and candles. Most of the art is created by people with disabilities through a program at the Range Center in Chisholm.