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3 New Years Resolutions to Consider Keeping

It’s a tale as old as time, a New Year’s resolution is made and within a month gym memberships are gathering dust, books remain unread, and that half-finished project becomes an obscure curiosity that is puzzled over a few years later. So, why bother with a resolution at all?

A New Year’s resolution, while only symbolic, is an opportunity to grow and learn or to simply live more in the way that we wish that we could and that is a great thing to aspire to. The trick, however, is in the follow through.

If a “new you for a new year” is something worth aspiring to, check out 3 New Years Resolutions to Consider Keeping on the Iron Range.  It’ll be easy, I promise.

Four people snowshoeing in northern Minnesota

1 – Take on More Adventures

‘Taking on more adventures’ is standard fare in the realm of resolutions, but breaking down what those adventures should & will entail is where it becomes harder to grasp. On The Range however, there are plenty of easy adventures to jump into whether on your own or with help!

Try snowshoeing or fat tire biking for a relaxed adventure that, while still a challenge, allows for pacing and direct control of the experience. And they can be practiced on trails all over The Range, so no pressure to be in front of people while trying out something new.

And then of course there are the big adventures that are a one-and-done deal such as the Slush Cup at Giants Ridge or the Iron Range Polar Plunge. It’s of course going to be a more intense experience, but jumping into/skiing across frigid late winter waters absolutely qualifies as an adventure!

2 – Learn Something New

Another classic New Years Resolution that often goes by the wayside, but new knowledge doesn’t come easy. Finding a subject that can hold your interest is key and at Minnesota Discovery Center there is a vast array of topics to pick from! Archaeology, a variety of focal points in history and science to name just a few things covered in the beautiful MDC campus throughout the year, and they often feature guest speakers as well!

There are quite a few other museums worth checking out as well including the Hibbing Historical Society, the Virginia Heritage Museum, and the Minnesota Museum of Mining

Or simply try a new food! This counts as learning, as much as some might try to dispute it. And there are some interesting items that are specialties to The Range including potica, lefse, and pasties…or, if you are feeling VERY brave, lutefisk. (Consider that last one a warning or a dare, your choice)

park music

3 – Be More Present

Here is one that is a bit less common but arguably one of the best resolutions to try and keep. Being present can of course be as forgettable as the rest without any direction, but with a concrete idea of what it means it is a powerful catalyst to grow as a person.

Being present means saying ‘yes’ to new experiences and wandering off the rails that we have built to guide our lives, it also means loving more, following curiosity, and living life with less expectation and with more abandon.

This one has potential to change the lens through which we see the world, and all that is required to make it stick is to be willing to say “yes” without reservation.

Hopefully this New Year will be one that is full of adventures and new experiences for you, we only have so many New Years after all. Resolving ourselves to live those years well is nothing short of a desire to celebrate life, and that is worth doing every year no matter what. We hope the Iron Range can help!

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